Elena Kalmykova
Pastry chef, consultant
We create modern and healthier desserts for HoReCa (hotels, cafés and restaurants) as well as for the retail
We adapt classical desserts to make them gluten-, lactose-, refined sugar-free and vegan (and delicious!)
We train staff either for the desserts we develop and do corporate trainings on pastry skills in general
About us
In France
In Russia:
I designed a new menu concept for a pastry shop chain of 5 shops and helped them secure their place as a #1 place for desserts in the city
I created dessert collections for a prestigious pastry shop, a bakery chain, a retail dessert company, a tea shop and a wine bar
I became a spokesperson and teacher at a higher education culinary institution, Institut Paul Bocuse and Russian annual gastronomic conferences, Chef's Breakfast and Moscow Cake Show.
In 2017 I graduated from Ferrandi Paris, the oldest French culinary institution
Together with the team of Café Pouchkine, a premium pastry shop, I launched their key location at Place de la Madeleine in the heart of Paris
I prepared desserts at a 3* Michelin restaurant on the Champs-Élysées, Le Pavillon Ledoyen***, and even had the chance to serve Nicolas Sarcozy, an ex-president of France!
I introduced 2 desserts on the brunch menu of a 5* hotel with a 1* Michelin restaurant, Trianon Palace in Versailles
Who are our clients?
Food production companies
Cafés, pastry shops and restaurants
If you are looking for ways to make your products stand out and upgrade them to the latest retail standards
If you are looking for an idea of a product with a long shelf-life to catch the eye of a supermarket representative and make it to the shelves
If you want to develop a take-away menu in addition to your current offers
If you want to be up to date with the trends, reach out to a new target audience and leave your competitors behind
If you are looking to diversify your menu by adding seasonal, lighter modern options
If you want to decrease the production costs without losing the products' quality and optimize your current workflow
If you would like to create a new dessert collection and diversify your offers with new options
As a result of working with us, you get
Our support after the dessert appears on the menu
Well-trained personnel who can easily prepare the desserts that we created thanks to the recipe description and guidelines
A recipe fully adapted to your production site (equipment, ingredients etc.) and needs in terms of costs, storage and transportation conditions
Our current and former projects include:
5 easy steps to make the desserts of your dreams come true
To start with, we help you fill a form to know more about the desserts you would like us to create.
First steps
We study your answers and propose a range of options with pictures and a short description of each dessert. From this list you then select desserts that you like most.
We then prepare the chosen desserts for a tasting and you give me feedback. If there are any comments, I make alterations and we do the tasting again. We then agree upon the conditions of work and sign a contract.
Tasting and beginning the collaboration
Before we start, we will send you a list of the necessary equipment and ingredients. On your production site we create recipes and train your staff so that they can make the recipes with confidence.
Recipe development and staff training
As soon as the work is over, we make sure that all is well. We stay at your full disposal after the desserts are launched to make sure that any minor issues are dealt with in the production process.

Final steps and support
Fill in this contact form below and we will get back to you within the 24h!
If you fill this form, we will give you feedback on your current dessert menu and suggest solutions to improve it
By pressing the button you agree to have read and agreed to the terms of the Privacy Policy.
Do you only work with healthier and vegan desserts or with classical desserts as well?
Classical desserts with a modern twist and a few healthier options is the most common request for recipe development today. It helps you attract not only those who prefer traditional sweets, but also customers who are keen on healthier and lighter options.
How long does an average development procedure take place?
Every situation is different depending on the region you are in, how much staff you have, how many desserts we are creating and their complexity.
How much do you your services cost?
It's the same as for the duration – every project is special and all costs are tailored to each specific case.
What is the minimum number of desserts you are ready to develop?
Most projects I work with are about 10 or more desserts, so this is an average I have fixed for myself. I consider other projects as well – just drop me a line by e-mail or via the form above!
Do you only work offline?
I do take on online projects, too! Instead of doing a tasting I share a recipe that you can prepare and taste with my guidance, I train staff via Zoom and send you recipes online. This way of interaction may work for projects when you are on a tight budget including consulting services.
Do you work worldwide?
I currently work in Russia and the CIS countries, however it is my intention to coin 3 projects abroad in 2022. I speak French and English fluently which helps me be in the know of European and global pastry trends and communicate with my foreign colleagues.
Do you also solve singular issues? I am not looking to develop new desserts.
I do! I help business owners and pastry chefs optimize their current work flow, increase the desserts shelf life, improve their taste and their visual aspect etc. Please fill in the form below and I will get in touch with you shortly.
I am having trouble with my production site — it seems to be losing money. Can you help me out?
Sure. I will identify the root of the problem with you and write a step-by-step plan to fix it. It may take up to several months depending on what we will have to work on. I will be happy to help you out — please leave me your details in the form below!
Elena Kalmykova
Pastry chef, consultant
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